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Lureise Billings Access to Etiquette
Saint Lureise Access to Etiquette
Lureise Billings Access to Etiquette
Saint Lureise Access to Etiquette
Lureise Billings Access to Etiquette
Lureise Billings Access to Etiquette

Moments captured By Dominique Hickman, Manager of Girls on the Rise Nonprofit Organization during a "Young Ladies Crash Course to Social Etiquette" Workshop July 5, 2023

Saint Lureise
How do you want to be remebered?

The Power Of First Impressions

Learn how to make the best first impression in 5 seconds (posture, appearance, communication, introductions)

Communicating with Class
Learn how to communicate effectively and understand the power of non-verbal communication

A Winners Wardrobe
Learn how to look polished and well-off with what you already have in your closet. Dive deep to discover your personal style.

Fine Dining and Table Manners
Whether you are hosting or attending dinner with the queen, Going out to a fancy restaurant, or just having dinner with friends, you will be confident to show up and stand out and leave a memorable impression

Interview Etiquette
Learn how to win over your future boss or clients

Ladies' First Feminine Impression
Learn what it means to be a lady in today’s society

Keys to Confidence
Confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it is a skill you can learn.

Dating Etiquette
Finally, you landed a date with your crush. Let's make sure you land a second date

Public Speaker Etiquette
Learn how to present like a professional

Etiquette for Social Anxiety
Learn how to turn your awkward moments into extraordinary moments

Social Media Etiquette
It is not a reflection of you, it is you. Make sure you are posting accordingly and representing yourself in a proper manner

To Be Refined
Learn how to become more refined inside out

Social Cues
Learning to read social cues can establish long-lasting meaningful relationships.

Holiday Party Etiquette
Whether you’re the host or the guest, there is a proper way to party, better yet to leave the best impression.


Conflict Resolution
Learn how to confront Conflict with Confidence

Saint Lureise
Think of Yourself as a Brand

"From the words you speak to the things you wear and post on social media, you are telling the world who you are, what you deserve, what you desire, and what you're worth.


We need modern etiquette to teach people how to use their God-given power to align themselves with what they deserve and desire Vs. settling for what they can get."


-Saint Lureise

Excerpt from my book "Best Bet"

Saint Lureise
When you know better, do better.

-Maya Angelou

Modern Etiquette instructs us to:

1. Greet friends and acquaintances with warmth and respect

2. Refrain from insults and prying curiosity

3. Wear clothing suited to the occasion

4. Contribute to conversations without dominating them

5. Offer a chair or helping hand to those who need it

6. Eat neatly and quietly

7. Avoid disturbing others with loud Unnecessary noise

8. Follow established rules of a club or legislature upon becoming a member 

9. Arrive promptly when expected

10. Comfort the bereaved 

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